Sunday, 25 November 2012

Yup yup yuppety yup yup this is just The Vicar’s Daughter yup

Hello. It’s me. ^ The Vicar’s Daughter. Which you probably know already because you can probably read. At least, I assume you can read because otherwise you probably wouldn’t be on a very texty blog. And by texty, I mean it has lots of text. And you have to read to see read lots of text, so yeah… Anyway, I’m rambling.

So, Mum asked me to write this blog post about why I didn’t go to church today. To be honest, there’s quite a few reasons, but I mainly didn’t go because of the CofE’s vote against women bishops.
It’s fudgenuggetingly stupid, because 2012 is supposed to be not sexist, right? Like, urghhhh. And I mean, it wasn’t even like the synod couldn’t go for the majority, they had to have THE PRECISE NUMBER. And they only lost it by six votes. What surprised me even more than the fact that they voted against it, was the fact that almost all of the bishops voted for it (according to Mum, anyway), and it was the House of Laity or something like that (who are like average churchy people apparently) rejected it, meaning they lost the vote.

Basically, the synod are being stupid for not just going with the vote because the majority voted for women bishops, which is A LOT MORE PEOPLE THAN WHO VOTED AGAINST.

Now you’re probably wondering why on earth this kid cares. I care because if we’re stuck in an age in which women still aren’t able to do whatever the hell they want to do with their job, then we may as well go back to the Elizabethan times when a women was treated like property. As a female, I think that it should be an equal right. Whatever gender you are the only thing different about us is the fact our bodies are different. What about the women who would be amazing at being a bishop? What about them? I know for a fact that someone close to me, who would’ve been, probably, one of the first women bishops and they might not ever manage to be now. My mother is a vicar herself, and suppose she wanted to escalate to being a Bishop instead of a priest, surely she should be able to. It’s ridiculous that the church is still being sexist. It’s ridiculousness in true form that anybody is still being sexist.

This is the 21st century: wake up, sweetheart.


P.S. If anybody is wondering what the other reasons were: it was sleep.

P.P.S. Just kidding. That was a joke. Now laugh. *pokes*

P.P.P.S. I do still believe in God, and trust in him. I don’t believe or trust in the Church of England right now, however.



  1. Dear J,
    If you were my daughter I would be extremely proud of you. Keep fighting for what you believe; the world needs strong young women like you.

  2. Dear J
    I have a teenage daughter who is a firm believer in Christ, and I would be very upset if the church we attended tried to tell her that she could only serve in certain ways because she is a woman, so I understand your point of view. Fortunately my church (Baptist) does allow women to serve at all level, but that's not to say it's the perfect church. Churches are full of humans that make well-meant but often wrong decisions. The important thing to keep sight on is that God is bigger than all the wrong choices we make as individuals and as churches.

    I can't tell you that you should be going to your church, but I'm prepared to bet that your mum's church is full of people who love and care about you, and they are going to miss you while you stay away. Is there some way that you could keep in touch with some of them?

    1. Dear Tim,
      I am no planning on staying away forever, as I run an art zone for children of all ages to express themselves artistically about the Lord and their views so I could not stay away forever, even though I am sure my friend and my mother would keep it going without me. Also, I am a firm believer in Christ and the Lord so I could not stay away from communication with him through the service. So I will be going back, but in the meantime I shall get Mum to pass on my regards.

  3. Dear J,
    I'm glad you made a clear decision to protest last week and I'm thrilled that you guest-blogged on your thoughts and views.
    Your perspective is not only moving, from the heart and I guess arises from a care for the female gender, for your own future and for your mum too.
    I'm hoping and praying during your absence from church you will be finding plenty of food for the journey.

    1. Dear Late Quartet/Jeremy Clines/Godspeed,
      Thank you for your comment! It's nice to see appreciation for sticking up for stuff I believe in!
      God bless,