Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Liturgy for Las Posadas

This is the liturgy we use for Las Posadas as they go around the village.  It has been well received.

Las Posadas

‘Las Posadas’ developed from the Mexican tradition of taking the statues of Mary and Joseph around a community.  The figures of Mary and Joseph travel from home to home, seeking shelter with different families along the way.

When it is your turn to host Mary and Joseph, you will be contacted by the previous host.  Please agree a time to receive the figures and make the previous hosts welcome, perhaps with tea.  There is a short handover liturgy which follows.

Please also contact the next set of hosts and agree when you will visit them to hand the figures over.  If you are unable to hand the figures over in person, please contact the Vicar and she will come and take them from you.  Please pass this sheet on with the figures.

Welcome Liturgy

Visitor(s)         Peace to this house
Host(s)            Welcome in the name of Christ

Visitor             We come as travellers, strangers in a strange land.
                        Will you welcome us, make room for us, shelter us as we travel?
Host                Come, and be welcome.

Visitor             Let us pray.
                        Loving God, as we bring these figures to this home,
                        we thank you for the opportunity to shelter them for a time.
We remember all those who are far from home,
and ask that you will shelter them in your love.

Host                 Loving God, we pray for all those who are homeless tonight.
                        We remember those who are hungry and cold.
We pray for those who shelter them,
in hostels and homes and churches,
and wherever space can be found.
We pray for the runaway and the refugee,
for the migrant worker and the rootless unwanted child.
We ask that you will show us how to care for them.

All                   Our Father in heaven,
             hallowed be your name,
             your kingdom come,
             your will be done,
             on earth as in heaven.
             Give us today our daily bread.
             Forgive us our sins
             as we forgive those who sin against us.
             Lead us not into temptation
             but deliver us from evil.
             For the kingdom, the power,
             and the glory are yours
             now and for ever.                  Amen.

Host                 We receive this figures into our care.
                        The Lord be with you.

Visitor              And also with you.

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